pauline kang

What is GITA?
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Hello! I'm Pauline Kang & I'm a junior at Brea Olinda High School! I got a taste of very basic coding in sixth grade and my interest in it quickly grew. Since I was in 7th grade, my goal has been to go to a four-year university and major in computer science!

Due to a schedule conflict last year, I took GITA 3 last year, and I am taking GITA 2 this year! GITA 2 is a course about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some other classes I am taking this year are AP Calculus AB, AP Physics I, Korean 3, AP US History, and AP Lang! As for clubs, I am involved in Robotics, Lady IT, Glory 2 God, Rotary, Key Club, and Surfriders. I am also a varsity track and field athlete! I run the 400m, 200m, and do triple jump and long jump! Some of my goals in high school are to maintain good grades, take and pass all math APs, and also expand my knowledge of programming!

Outside of school I am currently learning other languages like Java, Python, C++, and HTML/CSS. Like I said before, I want to continue my education after high school in computer science. I have my eyes set on both Harvey Mudd and Cal Tech for college and I'm willing to work hard and diligently to have the opportunity to attend either colleges!

Here's a little bit more about me! If I have free time, you can usually find me journaling, penpaling, or listening to music! I've also been trying to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator! I have suddenly became interested in digital design, so I have been trying to learn and experiment with it! I really enjoy going to museums and libraries with my parents, hanging out with my sisters, going out into nature, having picnics, playing sports, and making new friends!