Pauline Kang's GITA 1 Website :')

Hi! Welcome to my webpage! I'm a freshman at BOHS & I'm in GITA 1! Some things I'm involved in at school
are track & field, volleyball, robotics, and Lady IT! Something I do in my free time is art journal & bullet journal.
In GITA, we are currently learning C#! If you'd like, you can download C#!
One of my goals is to go to Harvey Mudd or Cal Poly Pomona and continue with computer science!

Semester 1

Goodbye World


This program translates the word "goodbye" in different languages. The country where the language originated from also pops up

Help Page


This program shows the help page for a company. It has clickable buttons that each show something different about the company. You can also change the color and font of the words.

Mailing Label


This program gets the users name and address and creates a mailing label for them and prints it out.

Car Rental


This program mimics the system car rental companies use. It calculates the total price using the miles driven, the charge for renting the car. It also shows the amount of cars rented, returned, and shows the customer info.

BMI Calculator


The program calculates the BMI of the user if they input their height and weight.

Car Rental 2


The program does the same thing as Car Rental, but the price differs depending on the type of car, if the car has bose speakers, or leather seats. It also only charges money for each mile after 100 miles.

Test Score


The program takes in two test scores, tells the highest score, the average score, and the letter grade of each score.

Dice Game


This program uses a random number generator to roll two dice & the sum of the two and how many times the dice have been rolled are printed out. The number of times that sum was rolled and the % is also printed out

Craps! Game


Using the dice program and other code, this code acts like the game Craps! at casinos.

Slot Machine


This program uses the random number generator to make pictures show up randomly and acts like a slot machine.

T-Shirt Sales


This program shows you the price of each shirt and the extended amount. The prices differs on the options selected. It also shows you a summary at the end.

Football Bowl Code


This code shows information about the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Semester 2

Fish 1


This code uses an array to make a fish move left and right.

Fish 2D


This program is just like Fish1, but using arrays, the fish can move up and down as well, there is also a shark that can eat the fish

n! Program


Using for loops, this program prints out a sequence, the even numbers, odd numbers, factorial, and fibonacci sequence depending on the number the user inputted.

Tic Tac Toe Program


This program uses booleans, integers, arrays, and if-statements to allow to users to play tic tac toe.

Basic AI Part 1


This program uses timers and if-statements so that the plastic bag chases the turtle but the turtle can shoot bubbles

Star Field Program


This program uses arrays, timers, and if-statements to move "stars" and make it look like someone is going through a star field.

Mini Space Invaders


Using a timer, array, if-statements, key press, and variables this code allows the user to play Space Invaders using the arrow keys and spacebar!

Final Project:


This is the FINAL PROJECT! I created this game using everything I learned this year!