doodles Hi! Welcome to my GITA Website!
I am Pauline Kang!

About Me:
I am a sophomore at Brea Olinda High School! I am in the Global Information Technology
Academy at BOHS. I first started "programming" in sixth grade out of pure curiousity
and interest. However, as I entered high school, I realized it is something I would
love to continue to do after high school.

Due to schedule conflict, I am taking GITA 3, and I will take GITA 2 next year!
In GITA 3, we are learning Flash Animations! This course is a little bit more
challenging to me because it involves a lot of steps in order to get the animations
to work properly. Nonetheless I enjoy it because it allows me to be a bit more vocal
with my creativity!

Some other classes I am taking are Honors Pre-Calculus, Korean 2, Honors English, AP European
History, and Honors Chemistry! As for clubs, I am involved in Rotary, Key Club, Surfriders,
and Glory 2 God. I am also on the Track and Field team! I run the 400m and do triple jump.
Some of my goals in high school are maintaining good grades, take and pass all math APS,
and also expand my knowledge of programming!

In my free time, I love to journal, penpal, doodle/paint, and listen to music!
Outside of school, I'm learning other programming languages such as Java, C++,
and Python! At times programming can get difficult, but I enjoy the challenge!

✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

As I said before, I want to continue with computer science, software engineering, or
web development in my future. Technology advances so quickly and allows people to live
more comfortable lives. I would really love to contribute to that in any way. For college,
I have my eyes set on Harvey Mudd and I'm willing to work hard to be able to attend there!
I am also interested in Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo and Cal Poly Pomona.


Phone number: (714) 990-7850
Address: 789 N Wildcat Way Brea, CA 92821

GITA 1 Freshman Year: 2018-2019

GITA 3 Sophomore Year: 2019-2020

If you would like to download the files, click the titles. If you do not
want to, yet want to view my projects, watch the videos! (Some projects
only have a webpage; for those, simply click the image to go to the page!)
Most recent projects are at the top!



This is my final project!! You play as a quokka and protect the garden of tulips from snails!



This project is called "Space Odyssey"! You can add astronauts, asteroids, and rocketships to the scene and watch how they interact with each other.



This project allows you to control a submarine using the arrow keys



This project is a Pong AI! By using timers and tracking, the paddles plays up to 5 points!



This project is a children's game! It is Blue's Clues Theme and the purpose of the game is for the player to click the alphabet in order under 90 seconds.



This is a program that teaches very basic korean! It teaches you the alphabet! If you click on the letters, you can hear the sound it makes.



This is a tutorial on how to PENPAL! It is interactive and allows the user to go to the next scene, go back, or stay on the same scene.



This is a tribute to Duck Hunt!



Group: Pauline Kang, Clara Lee, Mark Moon We created an animation for a "game" (trailer) and a video that is an "interview".



This is my first animation. It shows my avatar and a day and night scene



In this project, I made my own holiday and made a greeting card!



This was our first project. We had to make our own avatar and make a webpage about it!

AP Computer Science Principles Digital Portfolio

As a freshman, I self-studied and took the AP Computer Science A exam as well
as the AP Computer Science Principles Exam. I successfully passed both exams.
Here's is my portfolio for APCSP that earned a 5 on the exam!
[Please DO NOT copy these. These may be looked at as a reference.]
Learn more about APSCP

Computational Artifact:

Written Response:

My Project:

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Individual Written Response:

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